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August 6 - September 7th, 2019

This summer renowned swimmer and water quality advocate, Christopher Swain, will lead a journey over 150 miles of the Boise River, from its source in the Sawtooths, to its confluence with the Snake River. Along the way he will collect water samples, report on the health of our river, and interview various people about their hopes and dreams for the Boise River.

While Swain swims we will take a variety of quick and simple actions to improve the health of the river and show our support for fishable, swimable, and drinkable water.

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Connecting Urban and Rural Communities

Swain will start his Idaho expedition in the Sawtooth Wilderness by swimming across Redfish Lake to access the trailhead to Spangle Lake, the source water for the Middle Fork of the Boise River. From there he will make his way down to Atlanta, swimming across Arrowrock, Lucky Peak, through Boise and all the way to Parma where the Boise River connects with the Snake River.

Along the way, Swain will share his location, personal physiology and water quality data through social media. He will stop to conduct stakeholder interviews with land owners, business leaders, community leaders, farmers, miners, students and river recreationists.


 Idaho Business for the Outdoors Supporting Idaho’s Public Lands, waters and Outdoors


Leading an Education Journey

Idaho Business for the Outdoors will be gathering baseline data on water quality from Source to Snake, hosting community engagement events, leading water workshops for high school students from Idaho City, Mountain Home, Boise, Caldwell, Eagle and Parma. Workshops will be inspired by the Clean Water Act and facilitated with our community partners along the river. They will focus on fishable, swimmable and drinkable water quality standards, the economic and health benefits of outdoor recreation. Swain will be conducting stakeholder interviews all along the river with community leaders, farmers, miners, ranchers, land owners, students, and river recreationists.

Let’s celebrate a resource we all share. Help us raise river quality and quantity awareness to sustain healthy, prosperous communities along the Boise River watershed for years to come!

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 Supporting Fishable, Swimmable and Drinkable Waters

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Thanks to our River Heroes and Volunteers

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Photo Courtesy of: Great Big Story LLC

Photo Courtesy of: Great Big Story LLC